Pad Printing


Pad printing is in most cases the best method and most versatile process used for printing on irregular or odd shaped items with three-dimensional, or textured surfaces. Decorate nearly any rigid material type or shape. Whether concave or convex, recessed or specially contoured, we can print these objects with Whether you have a promotional metal pen project, a plastic injection molded, automotive component, a medical device with multiple print locations, or a glass perfume bottle, we’ll provide the most cost-effective pad printing solution for your single color pad printing project.


What is Pad Printing

Accomplished using an indirect offset printing process that involves an image being transferred from the printing plate via a silicone pad onto a substrate. Pad printing is used for printing on otherwise impossible products in many industries including medical, automotive, promotional, apparel, electronics, appliances, sports equipment and toys. The unique properties of the silicone pad enable it to pick the image up from a flat plane and transfer it to a variety of surface (i.e. flat, cylindrical, spherical, compound angles, textures, concave surfaces, convex surfaces).

Our Pad Printing Samples