Screen Printing



We offer custom screen printing services. Screen printing or silk screening is a printing process in which ink is pushed through a polyester stencil by hand or with an automatic printing press, like the one featured above. Silk screening is one of the oldest types of printing.

here are some samples of screen printing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do full color shirts?

- Yes, on light colored apparel we can do direct to garment with great photo realistic quality


Do you have minimums?

- No, we dont have minmium quanitiites, but you will get a better pricing if you order more.


Do you charge to get the artwork print ready?

- if your file is not print ready, we will charge to have your file recreated for screen printing.


When will I have my order ready?

- As soon as we have the full order ready, including the printed material and print-ready artwork, the average turnaround is around a week and a half

if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us through the contact form.